About Us

Pretty Backyard is a free online resource with a focus on helping you create the best backyard experience possible.

Here you’ll find project ideas, reviews, as well as events, and designs to help you turn your backyard into your little slice of paradise.

Our goal is to make this a digital garden for those who are looking for ideas on how to make their backyard pretty. We want to share our skills and experience, and do whatever we can to help you achieve the yard of your dreams.

One of the great things about the backyard is that it is an extension of our personalities. It is a place to enjoy all the delights of nature, recharge your batteries and get in touch with the peaceful, serene side of life. It’s a haven free from distraction and noise, where you can play sports with the kids, share a BBQ with friends and neighbors, or simply relax with a drink on a long summer evening.

But it takes hard work to keep your backyard pristine.

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your gardening equipment or experiment with a bold new landscape design. Whatever you have in mind, we’ve got you covered.

Many people have a vision of the perfect backyard in their minds, whether that includes ornate topiaries, statues, water features, patios, or just good old-fashioned flowerbeds. Whatever kind of project you have in mind, no matter how large or small, we are here to help.