Got a small yard? Check out our fab gardening tips

When you're working with a smaller plot of land, you can still create elegance and showstopping effects by understanding proportion, depth, and color.

QUICK SUMMARY ↬ Most of us are not blessed with an acre of land to create a huge garden paradise, but size really doesn’t matter when you want your property to impress the neighborhood.

You can still grow a gorgeous landscape no matter how tiny your yard is. As long as you have the right plants placed down in the right place, you will succeed and be blown away by the beauty that nature can deliver.

Some sun, water, and soil

These are the three basics required when you’re eager to start a little garden at your place in the world. You need a bit of sun, access to water, and a little soil. And of course, some time and patience.

Small yard gardening tips
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Every yard has its own unique challenges when it comes to growing plants, but that’s okay. Just choose a plant that fits. In other words, be aware of the plant’s maximum growth potential.

You don’t want to include a monster plant that outgrows its allotted space, so check out the little label that comes when your purchase a plant, and read what the tag says about its eventual size.


A gorgeous garden of layers

A small yard means that you’re limited in space. However, you have nice options for still creating a lush landscape with colors that pop, texture that draws the eye in, and a variety of plants that wow onlookers.

For example, think of small, medium, and large as your design blueprint. Gardening experts say that layering plants of different heights and widths can add visual interest.

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Some of the easier plants to grow include annuals like geraniums, impatiens, marigolds, sunflowers, and zinnias.

For perennials without the hassle, you can try daylilies, pansies, phlox, and Russian sage,

If you’re hungry for a yummy salad, a little vegetable garden featuring easy-growing cucumbers, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes is a nice arrangement.

You can also add some veggie plants to grow vertically on trellises to free up your space for other crops.

Color’s effect on the eye

When you play with color in the right way, your small yard can appear a lot larger in the most delightful manner, and your flowers and shrubs will come alive. It is easy to do and a great landscaper’s trick.

Small yard gardening tips
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It doesn’t matter what variety of flower blooms you enjoy. Just select the plants that deliver bold, vibrant colors, and plant them in the front of your garden where they are in full view.

That tiny tip will allow the rest of your little garden landscape beyond to appear to recede, and that will create the illusion of helping your special area feel grander.

Raised garden bed ideas

You can also consider the beauty of raised garden bed designs for your own orderly garden space. In other words, you would be growing your plants in soil that is higher than the ground.

Some options include planting in a frame or enclosure of wood, stone, brick, etc.

Stone-raised beds look beautiful, for example, and they are good alternatives with steep slopes. You can layer a flower garden inside, and place a border of shrubs for the background.

Raised beds along a pathway in your small yard can also add a beautiful visual interest because they define the space. The framing layout also allows the garden to appear more sizeable as it breaks up the view.

Gardens come in all sizes and shapes. When you’re working with a smaller plot of land, you can still create elegance and showstopping effects by understanding proportion, depth, and color.

Remember, good things come in small packages, and your garden can reflect that uniqueness.