How to kill squirrels: 3 best ways

In this article, we will talk about ways of killing squirrels to get rid of them. While it is frowned upon, this is the best way for frustrated homeowners.

Having squirrel infestation is never a good thing. The problem with squirrels is that they are very elusive and smart when it comes to avoiding danger. This set of characteristics will leave some homeowners with the sole option of killing squirrels to get rid of them.

In this article, we’ll share what we think are the three (3) best ways to kill squirrels. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

3 best ways on how to kill squirrels

How to kill squirrels - Pretty Backyard
Photo by Natalija Mislevicha from Pexels

“Electrocution” type trap

This is an electrically powered trap that may be operated without being attended to. Squirrels that enter into the trap are killed by means of electrocution electrodes which is an instant kill

You may even go for an electrocution animal trap with a sender which will automatically dispatch the trapped squirrel into a container or reservoir beneath the trap.


This is the best if you have terrific marksmanship skills and can use a gun or an arrow as a surefire-killing method.

On the other hand, wounding them without killing them may cause pain. Not to mention that if you miss a shot, bullets might ricochet and damage something or even worse, injure someone.


Train your pet

If you’re comfortable with it, you may use your pets to kill these bushy-tailed rodents squirrels. Cats are natural predators that are great at sneaking up on squirrels.

The advantage of this method is that your pets are in your area which will spare you the hassle of setting traps and the danger of handling poisonous chemicals.

Dogs are great at chasing squirrels down if they’re trained to do so. Retrievers will even bring the catch as proof of success if properly trained.

Is killing squirrels the only good solution?

The problem with squirrels is that they’re extremely opportunistic and will always hang around your property if they find it a good source of food or shelter.


The article above will give you the details on how to get rid of squirrels without resorting to killing them. But basically, you can do the following to get rid of these rodents:

  • don’t feed
  • remove attractions like birdfeeders
  • scare them with pets or plastic owls
  • use squirrel repellents
  • use netting or fencing
  • plant flowers that squirrels hate like daffodils
  • ask for professional help

If all methods of deterring or scaring squirrels off don’t work, the choice of killing them to end things once and for all is always a viable option, especially for the most frustrated homeowners.

Is it legal to kill a squirrel?

In most cases, killing squirrels is legal especially if they are causing some sort of damage to your property. However, you may need a permit to do it. The legality of killing squirrels will also vary from one species to another. For instance, most states will allow killing red squirrels any time of the year while grey squirrels can only be killed during open or hunting season.

Check your local laws within your region to make sure that you’re not violating any laws as it may cause you some penalty or even imprisonment if reported.

Final thoughts

While mostly harmless, squirrels can be very destructive to property and may carry disease both directly and indirectly. Humane catch-and-release traps are ill-advised as the animal’s “homing” instinct will lead it right back to its established territory.

Poisons may work but one must guard against inadvertently dispatching a family pet that may get into the poison accidentally if set outside.

Killing squirrels must be the last resort in getting rid of them and should be humane and painless. The methods we mentioned above are what we think are the best ways to do it.